Hey, it’s me.

22 07 2006

You’re probably wondering who the hell I am. I wonder that, too, sometimes. Well, I’m Jay, a 39-year-old guy who lives in Philly. I’m single and gay. I have a white-collar job that’s too boring to chronicle here (or anywhere, really), but, for what it’s worth, it involves writing and editing things you don’t want to read. Are you yawning now? Despite how I made it sound, I like my job.

Anyway, to make up for the lack of a boyfriend, I wallow in popular culture. (No, that’s not an entirely satisfying substitute.) I’m a big sports fan. I love my Phillies, even when they’re as rank as they are now, and I love my Flyers. I’ve been a tennis fan ever since I developed a fierce crush on Björn Borg. Gosh, I’m old. Recently, I fell for Formula One racing, and—hey—I did that without even developing a fierce crush on anyone. But, really, I’ll watch just about any sport. There’s even some professional darts, um, action on my TiVo right now. Are you embarrassed for me?

I’m also a music whore. My 40 GB iPod is full, and I own more CDs than any one person should. In fact, I’d probably need to take a two-week vacation just to organize them. I can’t find anything anymore. I like so many different kinds of music that it’s hard to describe my taste. I particularly like roots music—hardcore (i.e., non-Kenny Rogers) country music, world music, bluegrass, singer-songwriter folk. To give you a sense of the terrain, I grabbed the first CDs I could reach. I ended up with CDs by Radney Foster, Rammstein, Arctic Monkeys, and the Bollywood diva Asha Bhosle. Oh, and I grabbed a set of remixes of the theme from Brokeback Mountain. Am I gay or what?

Speaking of Brokeback, I like movies—especially indie and foreign films. Lately, I’m not that much into TV, except for ESPN and, um, poker. I just can’t stop watching the televised poker. I used to say I was drawn to the ruthless math of it all, but it’s actually compelling on many different levels. Watching poker involves you in the play, and you get a real sense of the personalities of the players. Plus, I have a crush on poker pro Ted Forrest. So there.

I’m not sure this really sums me up, but that’s probably a good thing. You’ll figure out other stuff from the blog…if I ever think of anything to say.




One response

22 07 2006

Hey! I like you! Too bad you like boys, too, because I think we would be perfect for each other! I love sports, music (although I am probably not as deep music-wise as you) and I LOVE Brokeback Mountain!

I noticed you have linked to me; right back atcha, baby!

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