Question of the Day: Shaken not stirred

22 07 2006

What’s your favorite drink or cocktail? What’s in it?
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My standby drink is Tanqueray and tonic. Something about the, um, bitterness of it all appeals to me. I sort of think that being a gin-and-tonic man marks me as someone who came of age in the 80s. Does it?

I haven’t always been a gin-and-tonic kind of guy. When I first started to enjoy, um, adult beverages, I fell for Kahlúa. It’s still a favorite; the caffeine in the Kahlúa helps to offset the alcohol, and that’s a good thing. Over the years, though, I found I wanted something less sweet. And when it’s not gin, it’s something like Jack Daniel’s. Am I rugged or what?

When it comes to non-alcoholic drinks, I’m currently a big, big fan of Snapple’s Diet Lime Green Tea. It’s so sweet (not to mention lime-y) that it’s hard to believe it’s not fattening. Strong runners-up: Snapple’s Diet Lemonade Iced Tea and Coca-Cola Blak.




3 responses

22 07 2006

Dewar’s White Label and water, Guinness, Coke Blak… Burp.

22 07 2006

I loves me an Amaretto Sour! I also love just plain ol’ Bailey’s over ice.

As far as non-alcoholic bevs are concerned … there’s nothing better than a Sonic Sunrise from Sonic! Do they have Sonic drive-ins in Philadelphia?

22 07 2006

The nearest Sonic is somewhere in West Virginia, and I’m not going there without an escort. I grew up in Oklahoma, though, so I know all about the goodness of Sonic’s cherry limeades and coconut cream pie shakes. Yum.

And now I’m thinking about Sonic’s chili pie. Maybe I really will have to go to West Virginia.

When I was a kid, the Sonic in my hometown served fried pickles, too–Pickle O’s, I think. The last time I was at a Sonic, though, that particular treat wasn’t on the menu. Bummer, I know.

Hey, LilRed, if the SuperSonics move to Oklahoma City, will the new mascot be a Sonic shake?

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