Question of the Day: Sugar, Sugar

25 07 2006

What was your favorite candy when you were a kid? How does that compare to now?

As a kid, I loved candy, and there wasn’t anything subtle about my tastes. If it was sugary, well, I liked it. Some of my favorites included Pixy Stix, candy cigarettes, candy corn, and—what was probably my absolute favorite—Bottle Caps. See the connection? I guess each of those things is, oh, about 100% unadulterated sugar.

Even when it came to chocolate, I went for forms that showcased the sweetness. I liked Rolo for the caramel center. I enjoyed my favorite candy bar—3 Musketeers—more for the nougaty goodness than anything else.

I was a candy hound, too. On Saturdays, my dad would take me to a nearby gas station that had the best candy selection around. (I grew up in the sticks, and I couldn’t get to a store on my own.) That was a real highlight of the week for me.

Today, I’m not really sure my tastes are all that different. Sure, I like some subtle, more adult flavors. I’m a big fan of licorice, for instance. (Save the black jelly beans for me, please.) And today you’d have to coerce me to have a 3 Musketeers bar; I’m more interested in the complex—and less, um, fluffy—nougat of Zero candy bars (yum). Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are also one of my standby choices.

But when I get right down to it, a little hit of direct sugar still satisfies me. When I stop by the convenience store, my eye is often drawn to those darn Bottle Caps (root beer is still my favorite, by the way) or to something as simple and sugary as NECCO wafers.


(P.S. For obvious reasons, I’d appreciate it if you could fix me up with your cute dentist. )




One response

27 07 2006

My fave candy as a kid is still my fave … Skittles! Mmmmm.

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