Question of the Day: I wish I could…

27 07 2006

Play any instrument or speak any language, which do you choose?
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This is a little bit hard because—either way—I’d be something of a freak. (Not that I’m not already, of course!) The question, I guess, is which super-freaky talent would lead to the most interesting life. And as much as I like music, and I do, I think I’d opt to be able to speak any language. With that talent, I’d surely be a diplomat, or a linguistics scholar, or a travel-industry guru. Any of those might mean I’d get to (a) travel much or all the time and (b) communicate with all sorts of interesting people.

Plus, my skill with languages would enable me to help out with one of my passions—preserving the world’s dying languages, which are becoming extinct at an alarming rate.

I’d still probably regret I didn’t know how to play the banjo, though.




One response

3 08 2006

After visiting Europe, I would love to learn to speak German. I think it’s a more beautiful language than it is given credit.

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