Question of the Day: You’ve got to blog!

30 07 2006

If you could get someone in your life to start a blog, who would it be and why?

My sister, maybe? She’s 15 years older than me, and she just retired early from a 30-year career as an elementary school teacher. (Yeah, I’m old enough that my only sibling is retired. Is that sobering or what?!) We live a long way apart, and I don’t hear from her often enough. I think she’d have a lot of interesting things to say, though, and I think the blogging habit might do her some good.

Of course, these days, she seems to be more interested in raising horses, baling hay, and canning tomatoes than anything else. Really. In fact, I’m pretty sure she doesn’t even own a computer. Getting her into blogging wouldn’t be easy.

And, um…despite the way I made her sound, my sister’s not Amish.




One response

3 08 2006

It would be very kick ass if God could start a blog. I bet he’d have some interesting stuff to say.

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