Florida Marlins 15, Philadelphia Phillies 2

31 07 2006

I was there for the ugliness.

Actually, it wasn’t as ugly as it might’ve been. A day after the Phillies traded two of its best players in order to save money, and a day after the team’s general manager said the team wouldn’t contend until 2008(!), the Phillies’ boisterous fans took the shellacking better than they might’ve. Sure, there were boos. But there was more sarcasm—e.g., applauding when every little thing the Marlins did turned out right, joking that the home team now consists mostly of players who couldn’t be traded anywhere—than anything else.

Highlights of the day for me:

  • Seeing that the Phillies’ gift shop already had its Bobby Abreu jerseys marked down 50%;
  • Sitting in a shady section on a hot, hot summer day, enjoying a frozen lemonade;
  • Using the familiarity of a baseball game, even a rout, as a background to processing some bad news about someone I used to know and love.



One response

3 08 2006

Still, even with the negative stuff … it sounds like you had a good time!

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