Question of the Day: Good Advice? Not so much.

31 07 2006

What was the worst advice you ever received? Did you follow it?

I suppose it’s heartening that nothing immediately springs to mind. Hmmm….

Well, back when I was in high school, one well-meaning relative suggested I look into becoming an x-ray technician; she’d heard, I think, that x-ray techs were in high demand. If I’d taken that advice, I’d be bored and radioactive.

About that same time, I also took one of those career inventory tests; my interests somehow matched up with those of the prototypical chemist. My high school passion for math pointed in that direction, I guess. Today, though, I can’t even imagine being a chemist. I’d be lonely in a lab, and I’d be squeamish about whatever was in those test tubes. Ewwww.

You know what? I just dug around in my files and found the results of that darned career inventory. (Gosh, do I keep everything or what?) Sociologist finished second—just behind chemist—and the test probably did get me thinking about sociology as something to study. I ended up with a graduate degree in sociology, and I think I’d be fairly happy today as a sociologist, too. Other fields that matched up well with the high-school iteration of me: college professor, geographer, psychologist, librarian, and public administrator. I didn’t wind up in any of those careers, but they all sound feasible. So maybe that test wasn’t so bad after all.

What career was I least interested in as a high school student? Vo-ag teacher, according to the results. That still sounds about right.

But what if, somehow or other, I had gone into vo-ag teaching? Well, I guess I’d’ve been the vo-ag teacher with the Abba fetish and the special interest in gay sheep. That almost sounds like fun.




One response

3 08 2006

Years ago I wanted to get out of a relationship that was going nowhere. I had been in it for five years, and when I talked to my mom about it, she told me “not to do anything rash.” I took her advice and did nothing. The guy broke up with me two years later and is now married and has a kid. I still have yet to find Mr. Right. I should have broken up with him when I wanted to.

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