You come here for links….

1 08 2006

I should give you some links.

  • Prompted by the news that Luke Wilson needed some, um, assistance for My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Slate asks how much it costs to hire a butt double. Answer: About $500/day, apparently.
  • “I cannot imagine anything I could do, no matter how long I live, that will change that first line of my obituary,” says disgraced NYT ex-journalist Jayson Blair in a brilliant PopMatters piece by Matt L. Perrone. Perrone, who was working for a small-time newspaper when he interviewed Blair, uses his brush with the ex-NYTer to examine the state of contemporary journalism. (Link via Romenesko.)
  • The Raving Badger, a thirtysomething married professional, explains why she likes gay porn.
  • Design Observer curates an online exhibit on the art of the shiv. Really, shivs. Weapons fashioned by desperate, creative prisoners.
  • If you find yourself looking for some new desktop wallpaper, Daily Dose of Imagery offers something striking: Clouds over Italy.



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