It’s my moral duty as a blogger.

6 08 2006

I should provide you some links—instead of always blogging about me, me, me. (I am adorable, though. More on that later.)

1.) As you may know, the men’s room at work can be a very complicated place. After one visit to the restroom, Jonson found himself emailing a colleague, claiming to have a “really unusually shaped penis.” Really. And that was supposed to be the solution to the problem! It wasn’t. Hilarious, must-read post.

2.) Google Blogoscoped has proof that Google is a smartass.

3.) Beauty Tips For Ministers is a side project of PeaceBang, one of my favorite UU (i.e., Unitarian Universalist) bloggers. Recently, at Beauty Tips, she criticized the idea that God calls ministers to be comfortable in ministry:

Place a female executive and a female cleric side by side (or a male executive and a male cleric, for that matter), and see who looks ready to lead, to make decisions, to command respect, and to take responsibility. It won’t be the guy in the tie with the children’s hands motif. It won’t be the woman in the batik muu-muu with the enormous pendant, the floppy cotton pants, and the sandals, with the big scrubbed face and the flat, unstyled hair.

I dress pretty casually in my own work (nonministerial, of course), so this is a question I frequently give some thought. My “solution” is to dress in a sort of upscale casual way. In fact, colleagues have told me that I’m one of the few people who seems to know how to ‘do casual’ well. Still, I’ve got to wonder if I’d be taken any more seriously if I frequented Brooks Brothers a little more often….

4.) If you like good photoblogging, check out Peter Tongco’s Manila in byte size edible pieces. Some of my favorite recent shots: “Last Trip,” “Big Brother Barbers,” “Misty Baguio,” and “Pomelo.”

5.) I just realized my favorite poet, Joy Harjo, has a blog. If you’re looking for me, that’s where I’ll be (from now on). She also recently kept a weeklong journal for Poetry Foundation. (These PoetryFoundation journals are a real treat, by the way.)




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