Washington Nationals 6, Philadelphia Phillies 4

18 08 2006

Brett Myers pitched like hell, giving up six runs in three-and-a-third innings. It was even worse than that sounds, really. Myers gave up homers to two of the first three batters he faced. And remember, we’re not talking about pitching to the Mets; this was the, um, icky Nationals beating up on Myers. Anyway, although the Phils rallied to make the score respectable, the crowd was restless and dispirited from the first inning on.

By the way, it was Gay Community Night at the ballpark. My buddy and I went in search of Mr. Right(s), but we came away with nothing more than ice-cream-and-beer buzzes. In fact, other than the Delaware Rainbow Chorale (yes, really) and the guy who threw out the opening pitch, my gaydar didn’t really register all that much. That apparently didn’t stop the “Christian” protesters, though. According to my friend, there was a pre-game demonstration right outside the third-base gate. I guess I walked right by unaware. Take that, protesters! How does it feel to be irrelevant?




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