Fleeting Internet Fame (and, oh, I’m pooped)

24 08 2006

Hey, sorry for the radio silence this week. I’ve just been inundated with work, and—on top of that—my cable went out yesterday. Pretty amazingly, my cable provider, Comcast, sent someone out right away. Unfortunately, the repairman couldn’t untangle the problem. (He was adorable, though, so I didn’t hold a grudge.) He said he’d come back with help, and he was telling the truth. At 10 p.m.(!), these two guys were still working on my cable, and, of course, they got it working. I was mightily impressed with the customer service.

Anyway, while I was working and cable-less, I had a little brush with internet fame. On Tuesday, superhero blogger Jason Kottke linked to my little post about the Five Quotes meme. Whoosh. Suddenly, I had 437 visitors in one day. The next day, I had 234. My previous daily high was something like 63, and my average is about 15. If you found your way to Rivers Are Damp via Kottke, and are still hanging around, welcome. Leave me a comment. Write me a valentine. Dedicate your next novel to me. Etc.

I should be out from under the crushing (ouch!) workload in a day or two. Stay tuned.




One response

25 08 2006
Garrett Fitzgerald

Heh. I had 437 visitors in an hour at the height of the Melanie Martinez surge. My typical numbers are a bit higher than yours, but not much.

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