Question of the Day: Bring Back the Snack

25 08 2006

Are there any snacks, food or candy that are no longer made that you desperately miss?

“Desperate” is such a strong word. But there are definitely food items I miss. Pepsi Kona comes to mind. I found Pepsi Kona (in 1996?), I guess, as it was being test-marketed in the Philadelphia area about the time I moved here. It apparently didn’t catch on, but I thought it was delicious. It was, of course, a cola-coffee hybrid sort of like the current Coca-Cola Blak. I enjoy Blak, but I think it’s a touch too strong on the coffee taste (vs., duh, the cola taste), and I also think there’s a false note in Blak’s coffee flavoring. To me, Blak tastes a little too much like artificial coffee flavoring.

Pepsi Kona, by contrast, was just the right mix of cola and coffee. You got the cola, you got the coffee, and everything tasted real. I couldn’t believe no one seemed to agree with me. But I’m a weirdo.

Or, given Coca-Cola Blak, maybe Pepsi Kona and I were just a little bit ahead of our times.




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