Question of the Day: In Heavy Rotation

25 08 2006

What albums are in heavy rotation for you right now?

(Pre-Script: This is a Vox QOTD from earlier in the week that I intended to answer but just never finished. It was a busy, awful, busy, awful week!)

After several months, I’m still crazy for Morrissey’s Ringleader of the Tormentors. The whole album is pretty tasty—or whatever the sonic equivalent of “tasty” might be—but three songs are always welcome in my earbuds: “Dear God, Please Help Me,” “You Have Killed Me,” and “The Youngest Was the Most Loved.” “You Have Killed Me” gets me right in the abdomen (in a good way!). It sounds like the mournful-but-beautiful Morrissey I fell for in the 1980s, and the lyrics make me think of the Soulmate-Who-Got-Away I only just mentioned:

As I live and breathe
You have killed me
You have killed me
Yes I walk around somehow
But you have killed me
You have killed me

And there is no point saying this again
There is no point saying this again
But I forgive you, I forgive you
Always I do forgive you

Yeah, he killed me. Yeah, I still walk around. Somehow. And yes, I do forgive him. (Ok, that last sentence was a partial lie. But only a partial one.)

What other albums am I enjoying right now?

  • The soundtrack from Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man is awfully good, and I’m not even one of those Leonard Cohen cultists. It’s just hard not to like a collection when the artists include Teddy Thompson, Rufus Wainwright, Beth Orton, Nick Cave, and Antony. Hmmm. Teddy Thompson, Rufus Wainwright, and Antony? You think I might be gay?
  • Local-but-suddenly-gone-sorta-bigtime-artist B.C. Camplight’s Hide, Run Away—a poppy, smartly-written album.
  • Gomez’s How We Operate: How 1973 should have sounded. (I’m really not quite old enough to have a good opinion about that. Really.)
  • Passover by The Black Angels: More 1973. Am I going through an acid-rock phase?
  • Fundamental by the Pet Shop Boys: It’s what all the gay boys are listening to.



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