30 08 2006

I’ve been too busy lately to provide you with any links. What kind of blogger am I, anyway?

Let’s get right to it:

1.) At Slate, June Thomas has an appreciation of Billie Jean King—one of the great tennis players, one of the great rebels, one of the great oddballs of our time.

2.) Language Log‘s Mark Liberman starts off a post today by mentioning the different words we Americans use to describe the dried mucus that sometimes collects in your eyes overnight (in my dialect, that stuff is called “sleep”). Before I knew it, though, Liberman was telling me all about swearing in Finnish. Great stuff.

3.) I’ve been interested in manatees for a long time, so I enjoyed this week’s long NYT article on the species. The manatee may not be as smart as the dolphin, but it’s “good at what it needs to be.” And manatees apparently have, of all things, a very good sense of touch.

4.) Design Observer asks whatever happened to, Oregon.

5.) Towleroad has the details on La Tomatina, the Spanish summer festival that had 40,000 people participating in a one-hour tomato fight. Cool pictures.

6.) Tyler Green of Modern Art Notes reports on a successful guerilla wedding at the not-ordinarily-wedding-friendly Met. Hee.




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