Labor Day Weekend Links

3 09 2006

I’m not having the best Labor Day weekend of my life (more on that some other time, I’m sure), but I hope you’re making the best of your long weekend. Here’s what I have to offer:

1.) Hugh MacLeod of Gaping Void says he doesn’t understand the color green.

2.) My blogging buddy Chris Baskind has a new blog, more minimal. In two of his first posts, he explained why blogs should embrace minimalism and how doing so would make blogs more readable. Rivers Are Damp feels so cluttered now.

3.) Via PeaceBang, how about some really, really, really cool ukulele music? Really.

4.) I’m a regular visitor to Your Waitress Photos, a photoblog by Valerie J. Cochran. Two recent shots I enjoyed: “three” and “and a four.” Will there be a five?

5.) Speaking of cool pictures, this composite photo of Andre Agassi is worth your attention. When I play tennis these days, it always feels like I’m facing nine opponents at once. (Link via Kottke)




One response

3 09 2006

I don’t think your blog is too cluttered. It is possible to be too minimal, after all. 😉

Thanks for the link! Hello, everyone.

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