Mid-Week Links

6 09 2006

At mid-week, here’s what I’ve found interesting so far:

1.) Wow. Zoroastrianism is prominently featured in an interesting NYT article this week. The religion—monotheistic before, um, monotheism was cool—is in serious decline. (If you’re interested in the topic, you should check out the NYT‘s accompanying slide show, which features a voiceover by the article’s author, Laurie Goodstein. Highly recommended.) I wish I could visit a fire temple.

2.) PeaceBang captures many of the feelings I had on learning of the death of Steve Irwin. I stumbled onto Irwin on Animal Planet years ago, and the ex and I quickly got a little bit hooked (in the same way we’d later get hooked on other cable TV staples like Trading Spaces and Iron Chef). In that first show, Irwin was going on and on about freshwater crocodiles, which he called—in that infectious hyper-enthusiastic way of his—”freshies.” From then on, we thought of Irwin as the Freshy Guy. We’d watch as Freshy Guy was wrangling deadly snakes, and I’d just be absolutely horrified at the risks he was seemingly taking. All at the same time, I’d be completely attracted to his passion for nature. When I think of those times, I smile. Freshy Guy was something the ex and I had in common at a happy, early stage of our relationship. That makes me miss Freshy Guy all the more.

3.) Gaping Void has me playing in the cool sandbox at JacksonPollock.org.

4.) I’m sure I wasn’t the only person hoping the Japanese imperial family’s newest member would be a girl, forcing—perhaps—the nation to grapple with its sexist law of succession. What’s wrong with having an empress, Japan?

5.) I want my next “big” trip to be to Turkey, so I’m absolutely enjoying Salon‘s literary guide to Turkey (link via Bookslut). Orhan Pamuk’s Snow is prominently featured, of course.




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