Telethon: Let’s save Killing the Buddha.

7 09 2006

If you like good writing about religion, then I’m sure you already know about Killing the Buddha, the online “magazine for people made nervous by churches.” If you don’t already know KTB, head on over and check it out. Right now. The front page currently features articles on Sufis, Christian rock, Ira Louvin (really!), and Buddhist monks who live on beachside property. And the KTB archives are chock-full of interesting, offbeat, eclectic articles. Sample those, too.

Sadly, KTB is suffering a financial crisis. Having raised over $3,000, the site still needs about $1,000 in order to survive. I made a contribution, and I hope you will, too. I know that a couple of my four-and-a-half regular readers are, like me, interested in religion as a cultural institution. And some fellow UUs and Buddhists and Humanists hang out here from time to time, too. I’d encourage each of you to sample KTB and help out if you can.

KTB is just too good to lose.




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8 09 2006
JMBzine » Blog Archive » From the good ol’ days of Christian Rock

[…] God and Guitars — Christian rock might not have all the answers, but for one fan and one band, it’s the questions that matter. – by Joel Hartse (thanks to Rivers are Damp for leading me to KTB) […]

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