Report from the Birthday Extravaganza Weekend

25 09 2006

Hey, I survived turning 40! Recent circumstances, which I’m sure I’ll be blogging about soon, meant that I had to keep things fairly low-key. Still, it was awfully nice. Several friends joined me on Saturday for drinks at the hotel bar at Loews, where I stayed for the weekend. Then, buttressed by the addition of another good friend, we headed over to The Capital Grille for a nice, nice dinner. I had the filet mignon, medium rare, and a side order of yummy brussels sprouts.

On Sunday, a slightly-different-but-overlapping group of friends joined me at the Phillies game. After the third inning, a Phillies Phunster came to my seat to sing “Happy Birthday” and shower me with confetti. Hours later, I was still finding that stuff in my underwear. Really. (Too much information?) A little bit later, my name was on the scoreboard with the names of, um, scores of other birthday celebrators. It rained some at the game, but the final score was a real treat: Phillies 10, Marlins 7. The Phils’ come-from-behind gumption was a real treat, too. Incredibly enough, they’re wild card contenders. Woo hoo!

I spent Sunday night back at the hotel bar, not-so-seriously watching some football and doing a little self-reflection. The Jack Daniel’s and apple juice may have made my life seem a little better than it actually is. But by next time this year, I’d definitely like to be a little less lonely. A nice hotel room should usually be, er, shared, right?




One response

29 09 2006

First of all – HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Sounds like you had a great time.

Second – let me commend you on your choice to eat your steak medium rare. This is the best way to enjoy the flavor of a steak – WAY too many Oklahomans ask for their steaks to be cooked well. It’s no longer a steak at that point!

Third – I am so happy that someone else loves the Brussels sprouts! They are awesome (had some for lunch today, as a matter of fact)!

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