Philadelphia Flyers 3, Columbus Blue Jackets 2

24 11 2006

For the second year in a row, I spent Black Friday at an afternoon Flyers game. Maybe this is my new post-Thanksgiving tradition…. Anyway, although the Flyers are off to an awful start to the season, they managed the win today—despite being outshot, 41 to 22 (yikes). Credit has to go to Flyers goalie Antero Niittymaki for making one save after another. Given how few wins the Flyers have so far, it seems a little weird that my first game of the season was a win for the home team.

Actually, the Blue Jackets are playing some pretty dismal hockey, too; they’ve lost eight straight. There was some added intrigue to the game, too, because the Blue Jackets’ new coach is Ken Hitchcock, whom the Flyers fired early in the season. Surprisingly, the Flyers fans didn’t give Hitchcock any particular grief.

I sat next to one of those fans, this one fairly well lubricated, who manages to have something to yell after nearly every play. His voice carried, too. It always seems like there’s one fan, somewhere or other, that everyone in the stadium can hear. I didn’t, um, particularly enjoy being so close to the megaphone. Ironically, he put his fingers in his ears every time the Flyers went on a power play, triggering a little noise sponsored by the local power company (the Peco Power Play, of course). Believe me, Mr. Megaphone was way louder than anything that came over the P.A. system. Egad.




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