Home Cooking

28 12 2006

I had such good intentions. I was going to write all sorts of things while I was off for the holidays. Maybe I’ll still get to many, or at least some, of those things…. Unfortunately, I’ve just been too full to write much. Excuse me while I loosen my belt. Again. Ugh.

Yes, Mom is feeding me well. I had all the treats I missed at Thanksgiving—cornbread stuffing, sweet potato casserole, cranberry salad, turkey, broccoli and cheese, pumpkin pie, fruit salad, and on and on and on. Mom’s Christmas Day meal was a parade of some of my personal favorites. Even the leftovers from that single meal have been filling (and delicious).

The food didn’t stop on Christmas Day. Since then, there have been breakfast waffles, crisp bacon, chili, nutty fudge, chocolate chip cookies, cranberry bread, and a half dozen other things that I’m already forgetting. And there’s more to come, too, I know. I overheard that another of my favorites, potato pancakes, is on an upcoming menu. There’s no way I can resist those.

I’ve surely gained at least five pounds on this visit. And, of course, Mom’s insistence that I eat (yes, she’s one of those moms) isn’t entirely to blame. I am, after all, an adult—although I’m not at all sure my mom recognizes that. I could say no to a second, or third, helping of cornbread stuffing. And I could’ve resisted my own (self-destructive?) impulse to pick up a half gallon of Braum’s peppermint ice cream. But that’s one of my personal holiday traditions. I couldn’t forgo the peppermint ice cream! (As always, it was way tasty. Braum’s is one of the things I really, really miss about Oklahoma.) I’m also determined to have some good barbecue and Tex-Mex while I’m here. Neither is readily available in Philly.

And the problem isn’t just all the food. I’m getting almost no exercise at all. My parents are elderly, and they move in slow motion when they decide to move at all. They don’t do too much, and they don’t particularly want me to spend my limited time here anywhere else…. So I’ve barely been out of the house. Today, sure, I took a 30-minute walk of the neighborhood (random aside: if I’d had a skateboard, I could’ve completely felt 13 again), but that didn’t help me work off much of my newly acquired heft.

Tomorrow I have to do better. Ugh.




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