Status Report (And My First Resolution?)

31 12 2006

I’m home, although maybe that’s ambiguous since I just described Oklahoma as home. Well, anyway, I’m back in Philadelphia, just in time to spend New Year’s Eve alone. Woo hoo! Actually, I had a last-minute offer, but I was already on my way home from the airport…and I just didn’t think I had the wherewithal to head back out again. Of course, if the offer had come from a handsome, single man, I probably wouldn’t be sitting here, nursing my travel wounds.

Speaking of travel, I’d like to apologize to the cosmos for being such a cranky cuss today.  Traveling is stressful these days, of course, and I try to approach a day of travel in my best frame of mind.  At some point today, though, I lost my patience and resorted to mumbling under my breath and giving dirty looks.  We could blame the exceedingly (and often inexplicably) long lines, or the poor customer service, or the people who cut in line, or the woman who rolled a stroller over my foot, or any other number of small humiliations.  But, really, I should’ve just taken it all in as some sort of elaborate character-building exercise, I guess.

I resolve to do less eye-rolling in 2007.  At the airport, anyway.




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