Be It Resolved:

1 01 2007

1.) In 2007, I will finally get the hell out of the apartment I hate and move into a more convenient neighborhood.

2.) I am going to try to be more approachable and, um, more approaching. This isn’t going to be easy for me; I’m one bashful (no one ever says ‘bashful’ anymore) dude. (Did I just say ‘dude’? I don’t think that’s going to help me find a man, either.)

3.) I aspire to procrastinate less, especially about the important things—like keeping in touch with family and friends, going to the doctor and the dentist (gulp), and making travel plans.

4.) I should save more money in 2007, and one way of doing that is to remember that things are just things.

5.) This is downright cliché, I know, but I’d like to be a little better organized in 2007. CD collection, here I come.




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