Question of the Day: Anywhere But Here

6 01 2007

Would you rather go back in time or visit the future?
Submitted by Auds.

I’m basically an optimist, so I’ll have to go with the future. Sure, humanity seems to be screwing things up. The global ecosystem is collapsing. There’s war, famine, disease. There’s dandruff. There’s chick lit.

And, still, despite all that, I think we’ll get it together. In fact, I think we’re getting it together—just incredibly slowly. Technology is getting better, and the stockpile of knowledge grows every day. Assuming we don’t destroy the planet (and that may be a big assumption, I know), the future’s going to be sweet. Lives will be comfortable; there will be interesting things to see and do; and, yes, there’ll even finally be the boy equivalent of chick lit.

And let’s not get all romantic about the past. Sure, it might’ve been fun—at least for awhile—to be English royalty, Alexander the Great, or an Aztec nobleman. But if you were to head back in time, you’d be much more likely to find yourself as a central European peasant, dying of starvation or cholera or on some cold battlefront, or just not outliving childhood. You’d probably be hungry or sick, and you’d likely be bored beyond modern comprehension.

So no thanks. I don’t want to go back to ancient Greece or see what it’d be like to be a Mayan ball-player. I don’t even want to be a Civil War reenactor.




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