Question of the Day: Chez Me

6 01 2007

If you could open a restaurant, any kind you want, what would it look like and what’s on the menu?
Submitted by A is for Amy.

Hey, this is a re-run! This is what I wrote on July 27 in response to a very similar—er, nearly indistinguishable?—QOTD:

If you could open any sort of restaurant, what would it be like?

Although I’m sure I’d go broke, I’d open a café in my hometown in northeast Oklahoma. I’d want to serve unexpected dishes, cooked with fresh, local produce and lots and lots of wine. Nouvelle Okie cuisine, let’s call it. I’m seeing okra, turnips, corn, free-range buffalo(?), watermelons, peaches—all prepared and presented in ways your grandma never dreamed.

But I’d want the restaurant (Jay’s Place?) to be more. It should be the kind of place where disaffected young and old people—loners, wannabe anarchists, queer Okies, and rebels of various stripes—could safely come for coffee, good conversation, alternative newspapers, and places on big, overstuffed sofas.

It’s a shame I can’t cook.

I’m still pretty happy with that answer. Can I get an investor or two?

Actually, though, I’m also pretty fond of Joey’s answer. It reminds me of a place I used to eat in Orange Beach, Alabama (before Hurricane Katrina). Can I open two restaurants?




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