More Beer (Sans, Sadly, the Flirtation Chaser)

9 01 2007

Tonight, I attended my fourth beer-tasting sponsored by Tria Cafe. This one featured eight(!) Belgian beers. Philly, as you may not know, is a hotbed in the United States for Belgian beers. We can thank Monk’s Cafe, the Belgian beer “emporium,” for that. One of the founders of Monk’s, Tom Peters, led tonight’s session—which, by the way, was delicious.

My favorites tonight were (i) a very citrus-y Cantillon Gueuze that’s a special blend available at Monk’s and (ii) an incredibly sweet Lindemans Framboise, which is flavored (and colored) by raspberries. I don’t think I’m supposed to be ga-ga over, or at least entirely respect, the Lindemans—mostly because it seems to have some of the hallmarks of mass-produced beers. For instance, it’s actually apparently made with raspberry syrup rather than the actual fruit. But the Framboise was so damn sweet and so damn tasty that I just couldn’t help myself. It was like the best Kool-Aid ever. And Kool-Aid offers no, um, delightful buzz.

The only disappointment of the evening is that I didn’t see the handsome man I flirted with at the last beer-tasting. (Ok, maybe “flirt” isn’t the right word. Is there some word between “flirt” and “accost”? Nothing immediately comes to mind.)

P.S. I managed to stay awake during the entire trip home on the train. Soon, Dad will be able to take the training wheels off my bicycle, too, I bet.




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