I flopped the nuts.

11 01 2007

The last couple of weeks could’ve been halfway, sorta tough.  I always have a little post-holiday letdown.  Plus, I had all that mind-numbing bubble-wrapping and packing to do at work.  And there’s just nothing stimulating going on my life right now, anyway.  (Yikes, I just realized I haven’t had a date since I was in my 30s!)

But, just in time, I found something to keep me going: NBC’s Poker After Dark.

Even when it seemed the poker craze had run its course, NBC came through for me—with a nightly(!) one-hour show featuring the game’s top characters and, best of all, one hand right after another.  I love poker for the ruthless math and psychology of it all.  Poker After Dark gets that.  The show isn’t edited down to a few, select hands; since there’s an episode every night, we get to see a big chunk of every week-long, winner-take-all tournament.  It’s also entertaining to see and hear so much everyday, unedited interaction between poker pros like Doyle Brunson, Daniel Negreanu, Annie Duke, and Huck Seed.  The small table (each week begins with a six-player table) makes it easy to follow the poker and the conversation.

The snarky, unseen commentator—who makes fun of Phil Hellmuth’s temper tantrums and Mike Matusow’s ego—adds to the fun, too.

Since Poker After Dark airs in the middle of the night, I set my TiVo to snag every episode.  So, after a hard day of bubble-wrapping or paint-fume-inhaling, it’s a real pleasure to come home to a new episode.  I’ve almost been skipping home from the train station each night.

Try not to imagine me skipping, ok?




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