Question of the Day: Send For Help! Or Not…

20 01 2007

You’re trapped in a (temporarily) out-of-order elevator – who would you like to be trapped with?
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Well, when I first read this QOTD, I was at work…so I started thinking about being trapped with the tall, nerdy guy who I wanted to find last month under the mistletoe. It’d be easier to get to the mistletoe part if I had some excellent reason to get to know him—or, rather, if he had some excellent reason to get to know me. And if I had, say, three or four hours alone with him in an elevator, he’d get to see how smart, funny, and adorable I am. Yes, it usually takes that long. Or even longer. Much longer. But I don’t think we should risk turning the elevator into a modern-age Donner Party….

Who else would make a good stuck-in-the-elevator buddy? Poker pro Erick Lindgren might be fun, especially if he brought a deck of cards (and wasn’t looking to make much money off me). Margo Howard, Ann Landers’s daughter and my favorite advice columnist, might be kind enough to give me some advice about my tepid (i.e., nonexistent) love life. And Joe Sixpack, Philly’s favorite beer journalist (yes, really), might even have a brew or two in his briefcase.

Who wouldn’t be fun in a broken elevator? I’d absolutely hate to be trapped in an elevator with an a cappella group. What, you think that’s a weird answer? Well, it springs to mind because I just listened to an all-a cappella episode of Coverville, the cool podcast devoted to cover songs. These are my least favorite Coverville shows, mostly, I think, because I listen with earbuds on the train. No matter how low I set the volume, I feel like the a cappella group, and its persistent harmonies, are all over me and just won’t give me any space. During the entire show, I kept thinking, “Well, this must be what it’d be like to be stuck in an elevator with a novelty act.” And then I came home and read this QOTD….

Yeah, I’m a weirdo.




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