Yes, cheese can also be tasted.

27 01 2007

Cheese Wheels
I’m not sure why I was so quiet this week. My mind was just sort of, um, blank….

Last night, to break up the montony, I attended a cheese-tasting at Tria Cafe’s Fermentation School. Yes, cheese—not beer. Radical departure for me, huh? The class was led by Sasha Davies, whose Cheese By Hand project had her traveling across the country in 2006 to meet all kinds of cheesemakers. What a great gig.

Davies brought six cheeses to taste; there were goat cheeses, a sheep cheese (according to my notes, I thought it was “maybe too sheep-y”), and good old-fashioned cow cheeses. My favorite of the batch was Rogue Creamery‘s Rogue River Blue Cheese. As nearly always, I went for the flavor that was the most pronounced…. And I’m just defenseless, anyway, when it comes to a good blue cheese.

Tria paired the cheeses with a delicious white wine, Oregon’s Sokol Blosser Winery’s Evolution—which is somehow made from nine different varietals. (Tria also provided a Loire Valley red wine, but I have nothing good to say about it. It had me thinking of animal sweat.) I need to keep Evolution in mind for my next visit to the wine store. I don’t usually shop for Oregon wines, but I’ve obviously been missing out on something good.




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