Question of the Day: Next On My Itinerary

2 02 2007

What’s the next country you want to visit?
Submitted by Schomer.

For awhile, I’ve been saying I’m headed next to Turkey. This seems like an interesting time to visit, after all, and I’ve been intrigued by Istanbul for a long time. Last year, I even bought the guidebooks…but life got in the way a little bit.

The last few months, of course, I’ve been thinking about—and, um, drinking a lot of—beer. That has me thinking that my next big trip should be to, say, Belgium to visit some cool breweries. And sample the products. If I did that, I could probably work in two or three days in Amsterdam, too. Maybe that’s what I should do.

For a long time, too, I’ve intended to get myself to Spain. Deep down inside, I think, I’m hoping I’d find myself in a screwball scene that’d fit in in an Almodóvar movie—something like Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown—but that’s not realistic. I’d just end up at the Prado and being a wallflower at some night spot. (There’s some confidence for you!) But Spain is definitely a possibility.

In any event, my big project for 2007 is moving to a new apartment. For budgetary reasons, that probably means I won’t be making it to any “next country” this year. Unless you convince me otherwise. Or something.

Other countries I’d like to visit before I’m 85: New Zealand, the U.K., Japan, Denmark, Liechtenstein (yeah, really), and Argentina. Given that I’ve made it to middle age without visiting any of these places, the odds that I’ll make most, or even many, of these aren’t good, huh? That’s pretty darn depressing.




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