You were wearing a blue bow-tie on the 8:43 train….

3 02 2007

Track 2B
Because I seem to be desperate interminably single, I sometimes check out the personals ads on Craigslist. But, at least in Philly, the men-for-men ads are just so dang seedy! I’d give you some examples, but I really don’t, um, talk like that on the blog. Or anywhere. Just check it out for yourself (NSFW, I’m sure). See? No matter when you clicked on that, I bet you found some real winners for me.

Anyway, when I’ve had my fill of that, um, scene, I often head over to the Missed Connections—where, of course, shy and lonely people obsess over someone who might’ve looked their way at the supermarket or who sat next to them on the flight from Hartford. “You were wearing a red zip up jacket with shirt and tie under it. We were in different check out lines but left at the same time,” says one. “You and a buddy were folding your laundry at the laundromat at 43rd/Walnut (next to the Chinese restaurant). I thought you were pretty damn cute,” says another.

Poignant, huh? There’s almost no chance these guys will find the men they’re looking for, and it’s more than a little sad they didn’t/couldn’t say anything when they had the chance. I guess putting up a Craigslist post makes more sense than paying for an actual ad in the paper. (Those people are the truly desperate ones.) Still, the odds aren’t good.

Once in awhile, I read an ad that I really hope works. Like this one:

Frequently I sit by you on the train. Always we play this strange game where we push our weight into each other. And then you get off at your stop and I’m left wondering what exactly is going on. I mean it’s weird right, I understand that, but I don’t necessarily want it to stop either. I just want to understand what’s going on in your head. Do you like me? Or, is it more innocent than that?

Wow. As someone who takes a commuter train every day, I’ve seen some odd behavior…but this is right up there with the best of it. If this happened to me, I’d assume the guy just didn’t like to share his space. Some commuters are jerks, after all. Is there any chance this is flirtatious behavior?

Somehow or other, I hope so.




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3 02 2007

Hey! You know what? I actually have a great friend who met his boyfriend (now of 12 years) through an “I Saw You Ad” in the Seattle alternative paper, called “The Stranger.” They saw each other in a line buying tickets for a concert. The timing was all wrong, for them to talk to each other. He was with his parents, and my friend was with his boss. But it worked out great that one of them had the courage to act on it; with an ad in the paper. BTW, I’ll never forget when they officially met LOL. Because I was on the second floor of the restaurant – watching them, like a nosey spy LOL. At any rate, you just never know 🙂

5 02 2007

Sometimes, when I get really down and conscious that I’m single and alone, I read the missed connections section to remind myself that there are actually connections that take place and I’m not totally isolated and alone all the time. Then, I figure that it’s not all that much better for them…

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