Missing Weekend #1

5 03 2007

So, where was I, when I wasn’t blogging?

Well, impulsively, on Friday, February 23, I decided to head to Baltimore for the weekend. It really was on impulse, too. I hadn’t packed a bag, or toiletries, or even thought about booking a hotel. At 4 p.m., though, Priceline gave me a reasonable rate on a nice hotel. And after a quick stop at a drugstore and a Gap (for, well, a couple of shirts and some underwear), I found myself on the train to Baltimore.

Baltimore was the destination because of a really cool craft show that’s held there every year by the American Craft Council. The Ex and I attended the show a few years ago, and I was really impressed by the number of craftspeople who showed. And, well, we’re not talking about your everyday crafts show; we’re talking high-end (does that make me sound snobby?) furniture, pottery, glass work, jewelry, etc. I’d been itching to get back to the show.

I devoted Saturday to the show. Actually, I devoted Saturday to spending money at the show. I came back with:

  • an inkpen and bottle stopper made out of beautiful Osage Orange wood by North Carolinian Allen Davis (I have a real soft spot for Osage Orange trees, which we called bodark [a bastardization of bois d’arc] trees in Oklahoma);
  • a penguin-shaped mug made by Massachusetts potter Stephen Schiffer (I’m going to order some stork-themed products from him);
  • a crazy briefcase made out of a One Way sign by Tripp Gregson, also of North Carolina; and
  • two rough-but-gorgeous café-au-lait mugs made by western Maryland’s Kirke Martin (I’m hoping to visit his studio).

I easily could’ve spent quite a bit more money, of course, if I’d had any more. I fell hard for some coffee tables made by woodworker Michael Thomas Maxwell out of broken-down pinball machines. And I also flirted with buying one of machinist(?) Bill Durovchic‘s cool desk toys. If I win this week’s $120 million Powerball jackpot, both can expect an order or two from me.

Also, if I win this week’s (or, hey, any week’s) Powerball jackpot, I think I should open a high-end craft gallery/shop in some cool travel destination—maybe in West Yellowstone, Montana, or Marfa, Texas, or Key West. Any other ideas?




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