Missing Weekend #2

7 03 2007

Immediately after the beer tasting, I hopped a New Jersey Transit train to, of all places, Atlantic City. I hadn’t been to Atlantic City in several years, and I hadn’t taken the train to AC in maybe a decade. But, gosh, it was so easy. And cheap. For $7.25, the train took me to Atlantic City, where I was met with a free shuttle to the Boardwalk hotels. Why don’t I do that more often?

Well, for one reason, Atlantic City can be kind of seedy. Because I couldn’t get a room in the hotel of my choice, I ended up in a not-quite-prime hotel at the end of the Boardwalk. My room reminded me of some Best Western motel that my parents and I might’ve landed in on summer vacation in, say, 1975. That’s not the kind of nostalgia I enjoy, you know?

Anyway, I devoted Friday afternoon to two tasks—exploring the Boardwalk and getting a massage. (I devoted Friday morning to finding a razor, which I’d forgotten to pack.) Strangely enough, it was a beautiful, almost springlike day, and the Boardwalk was a nice place to be. It was windy, though, and the ocean was roiling. Still, I enjoyed the sun. I also enjoyed the massage, of course, though the spa’s masseur acted a bit too much like I might be fragile….

I actually visited Atlantic City to see country singer Gary Allan‘s Friday night concert at the House of Blues. I saw him in December in Las Vegas (incredibly, blogging that trip is still on my to-do list…sigh), and he was energetic, engaging, and in good form. I was pretty much blown away. And he did all that again in Atlantic City. Wow. (If you’re not familiar with Allan’s work, by the way, you should check out his new greatest hits collection. You won’t be sorry. Unless you hate country music. Are you a hater?)

I headed back Saturday, and New Jersey Transit treated me right again. Does NJT have a fan club?

On Saturday night, by the way, I visited the Bike Stop—Philly’s most prominent, er, leather bar—to meet someone (i.e., gasp, a man) I’d talked to online. We actually hung out in the Bike Stop’s sports bar, which isn’t leather-y at all. There were no real sparks between the two of us, but it was fun to be someplace with so many attractive men. (Note to Atlantic City: How’d you become such a magnet for unattractive people?) I even turned a couple of heads. I should head out to the Bike Stop more often….




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