It’s five o’clock somewhere.

8 03 2007

Five O’Clock
You never know, I guess, when—out of the blue—you’ll be forced to think about the S.O.B. man who broke your heart. Today, for instance, when I was happily browsing through Josh Spear’s marketing blog, I suddenly came across a blurb about M&Co’s Five O’Clock clock. It was the picture, of course, that first caught my eye. And by “caught my eye,” I mean “caused all the air to leave my diaphragm at an alarming rate.” Wow.

So, yeah, I bought the Soulmate-Who-Got-Away (SWGA) the Five O’Clock clock a few years ago. So far as I know, it’s still hanging in his house. It’s an awfully cool clock, huh? I have good taste (except, apparently, in potential mates). And I hadn’t thought about it in a long, long time. Suddenly, there it was.

I was just so surprised by my—or, really, my body’s—reaction to seeing the clock. Gosh, do I have some unresolved feelings for SWGA or what?

I hope he thinks about me every time he looks to see what time it is, though.




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