Vox Hunt: Coming Soon To A Screen Near Me

15 03 2007

The Namesake
Vox Hunt
: Show us the next DVD or movie you’re looking forward to seeing.

The Namesake opens around here tomorrow, and I hope to see it soon. (My fondness for the NCAA basketball tourney may get in the way a little bit.) I listened to the audiobook a few years ago on my commute, and I was absolutely charmed. At some level, I think, it was Sarita Choudhury‘s amazing reading of the novel—more so even that Jhumpa Lahiri’s text—that pulled me in. Over 10-plus hours, though, I fell for the story of the inelegantly named protagonist, Gogol Ganguli, whose parents emigrated from India.

I’m not a second-generation anything, but the story nevertheless appealed to me. Gogol is awkward, and he struggles to find his place—or any place. I can absolutely relate to that. Who can’t?

When I was reading listening to The Namesake, I couldn’t really imagine it as a motion picture, though. Not all that much happens. So much of the novel is about interior space, about Gogol’s thoughts, about his internal struggles. I’m curious to see how well the movie captures that.




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