That’ll be ginger ale for me, thanks.

23 03 2007

In case you’ve been wondering (and, gosh, I hope someone was), I’ve been sick this week. Really sick. I’m not talking about the kind of sick that allows me to watch game shows and SportsCenter and old movies from bed. Or to browse the internet every couple of hours. Or even to sit out in the sun on the balcony and remember what it felt like to be alive. No, this was the kind of sick where my body hurt and all I wanted to do was sleep. Where I had colorful, disturbing dreams that my soulmate was dating a man named Jett. (Jett?! Where the hell did that come from?) Where I felt like crying and mostly just wanted my mommy. The day I started getting sick, I actually crawled out of my chair at work and curled up on the floor for awhile. (Hey, I closed the door. Shut up.) It went downhill from there.

I’m feeling somewhat more normal now—no fever, less tiredness, and less stomach (warning: euphemism alert!) upset. I’ve still got a bit of a headache, and I basically haven’t eaten anything except crackers for three days. But I’m fairly certain I’ll survive.

So, I really don’t have much to blog about. Life passed me by this week. To make up for my own lack of content, how about a YouTube video featuring one of my favorite bloggers, PeaceBang, author of PeaceBang’s Beauty Tips for Ministers? PeaceBang was on Nightline. Way cool, huh? Go watch it.




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