Question of the Day: Hoop Dreams

24 03 2007

Who’s going to be in the Final Four?

I’m the Bracketmaster for my office’s not-quite-a-pool (i.e., no money changes hands). Of the 26 players, I’m currently sitting in a measly 10th place. Sigh. Who could’ve predicted that there’d be so few upsets this year? (Answer: Obviously, at least nine of my office-mates.)

When the tournament began, my Final Four was Florida, Kansas, Georgetown, and Texas A&M. Of those four teams, only A&M has been eliminated. If you asked me today, and I guess you are, I’d pick Ohio State to come out of that bracket instead.

So…my Final Four teams today are Florida, Kansas, Georgetown, and Ohio State. That’s three No. 1 seeds and a No. 2 seed, Georgetown. Sigh. What an unpredictably predictable tournament this has been!

For the record, I picked Georgetown to win it all, and—despite last night’s close call—I’m sticking with the Hoyas.




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