Wiki Wednesday

4 04 2007

(This meme is via The Long Cut, a Philly-area blog written by a fellow beer snob.)

1.) Go to Wikipedia.
2.) Click on “Random article.”
3.) Report on the outcome.

Um, here’s mine for this week:

Photovoltaic inverter

A photovoltaic inverter changes direct current (DC) from a solar cell array to alternating current (AC), synchronizes with a grid[,] and feeds the energy into the grid, mostly [ed.: er, usually?] a public utility grid.

I think I’m supposed to have something witty or insightful to say about this, but—truthfully—I barely understand it. Solar energy’s cool, though, huh? And “photovoltaic” is sort of fun to say.

Note how I couldn’t resist editing the Wikipedia prose? That’s exactly why I don’t hang out there more often. I’d spend all my free time editing entries like “Cypriot euro coins,” “Koche Sesame,” and “Corona del Mar State Beach.” Life’s too short.

Maybe next week’s Wiki Wednesday will better inspire me.




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