The Weekend

16 04 2007

I never really updated you on my weekend.

1.) On Friday night, I visited a new brewpub in Philadelphia for the farewell dinner of a work colleague. My office has a number of positions that are temporary in nature, and they’re frequently filled by people just out of grad school. So it always seems like someone’s leaving for something new, different, and exciting. I’m beginning to feel like that old third-grade teacher who’s seen hundreds of kids pass through the classroom.

2.) Now that I think about it, I spent a good chunk of the weekend working on a third-grader’s problem, too. Somehow, over the past few weeks, I’ve developed a crush on someone who’s almost certainly straight. When we hang out for just a little bit, I realize I’m giddy. I find myself thinking about his geekiness, his pretty eyes, his hairy arms(!), his modesty—I’ve been thinking about all of that way too much. So I spent some of the weekend doing a little bit of a reality-check with myself.

3.) On Saturday night, I did something a typical third grader wouldn’t do. (Not that!) After a nice sushi dinner with friends, we attended a Japanese film, Wicked Flowers, that was part of this year’s Philadelphia Film Festival. It was an awfully clever film, putting the viewer right in the middle of a deadly puzzle. It had me thinking about games and motivation, but mostly I was trying to figure out that darn puzzle. I doubt Wicked Flowers is going to open at a theater near me or you anytime soon. But if you have a chance to see it, it’s definitely worth your time.




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