New Look?

21 04 2007

Freshy Theme
If my referral statistics are right, most of my readers get my, er, content via feeds. If so, they may not have noticed that I’ve done some redecorating. I’d be interested to know what my four-and-one-half regular readers—and others, too, of course—think about the new digs. I was really, really attached to my old template, but the new template gives me much greater flexibility in the sidebar. For instance, I’ve installed a Weatherpixie (with green hair and a dog, naturally) that shows the current Philly weather. (Hmm, should it be higher up in the sidebar?)

The new template, by the way, is called Freshy. I’m still using the default image in the header—both because I like it and because my own photos looked too fuzzy or unprofessional or something.




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