Philadelphia Phillies 11, Houston Astros 4

24 04 2007

I was there for my first game of the season. It was a beautiful, almost summer-like evening, and the Phillies played awfully well. Jimmy Rollins went four-for-five and just needed a double to complete the cycle. Chase Utley hit an enormous home run that bounced right off the top of the wall behind centerfield. And starter Adam Eaton had seven strikeouts.

Hey, the Phils have won three in a row! Finally. When Astros leadoff man Craig Biggio hit a home run on the first pitch of the game, I thought it was going to be a looooooong night. But the Phillies quickly got things turned around.

This was a make-up game from Jackie Robinson Day, so I got to see both teams wearing the near-sacred No. 42. That was way cool. I hadn’t planned on making this game, either originally or on the make-up date. But I saw there were some good deals on seats ($5 and $10!) today, and I found myself booking a seat for Section 211—a part of the stadium that was unfamiliar to me. I had a good seat, although I’d ordinarily prefer to be on the first level. But for $10? I’ll take Section 211 anytime.

I’m seriously tired, by the way. It’s late for me to be out on a work night. Plus, after the game, I had to wait about 40 minutes for my train. This, I remember, is why I don’t do more night games.




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