Washington Nationals 4, Philadelphia Phillies 2

26 04 2007

Two of my colleagues and I ditched work this afternoon to attend the game. After a horrid start to the season, the Phils were going for their sixth straight win. It didn’t happen, but it’d be hard to complain too much. The Phils didn’t really lose this one so much as the Nasty Nationals just played too darn well. Nats pitcher Shawn Hill worked solidly for eight innings, and the offense backed him up with eight hits. The Nationals’ not-so-ace closer tried to give up the game in the ninth, but the Phils could only score one additional run.

Still, most of the Phillies looked good today. Memorably, Pat Burrell made a helluva throw from left field to throw out Ryan Zimmerman, who looked to have a cinch double. Aaron Rowand, one of my favorites, had a homer: He’s batting .364, and he’s had a hit in 14 consecutive games. Zowie.

It was a strangely chilly late April day here in Philly. The sky was gray, and a chill wind was circulating throughout the park. It’s not the kind of day I was imagining when I planned this outing.




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