Question of the Day: My Life In Technicolor

1 05 2007

If you could pick a cartoon world to live in, which would it be? Why?

Submitted by Scio, Scio.

When I read this, I immediately thought of The Jetsons. I want my own personal, Mini Cooper-sized spaceship; a robot who does the housework; a food dispenser that’ll immediately prepare anything I can imagine; an elevator tube in my living room; the best puppy in the galaxy; and regular vacations on Venus. That sounds nice, huh?

But now that I think more about it, the world (um, universe?) of The Jetsons—socially, anyway—was stuck in the 1950s. George and Jane had a very traditional marriage, with George going off to work every day while Jane stayed home to manage the house. They had two children, a dog, and a maid. George was a corporate wage-slave. Hmm, I wonder…. Do you think George had a cool gay friend who lived on the same floor of the Skypad Apartments? Was he able to find a date?

So, I just don’t see myself fitting into George Jetson’s world. J, I see, says The Far Side is her world. And I think she’s onto something. I like zany—animals that talk, the off-kilter, the downright surreal. Maybe I ought to pick the world of Bizarro or The Quigmans or F Minus….

I’d still like to have the spaceship, though.




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