The Spoon

13 05 2007

Boxwood Twig Spoon
As I’ve indicated before, I’m a fan of high-end (i.e., no crocheting and needlework [hey, just kidding, Mom!]) craft shows. Last month, I had to miss the Smithsonian Craft Show, but I couldn’t resist bidding in the online auction. This week, my prize—a wooden spoon carved by Norm Sartorius—arrived. It’s headed off to work with me tomorrow. I’ve got the perfect place for it in my office.

I’ve been a fan of Sartorius and his woodworking for a long time. I’m not sure if I first saw him at the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show or the Smithsonian’s show or somewhere else, but I was hooked. That first time, I could afford only a fancy letter opener [Yikes, I suddenly can’t remember what kind of wood it is! Dogwood, maybe? Magnolia?]. But I promised myself that I’d get a spoon someday.

My spoon is made of boxwood, and it’s simple and rustic and beautiful. I’m pretty sure it’s not the last Sartorius piece I’ll own. Now I want something even more intricate.

Please hide my checkbook from me, ok?

Update (5/14/07): With a little sleep in me, I now remember that my letter opener is dogwood.




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