Philadelphia Phillies 8, Milwaukee Brewers 6

15 05 2007

And I was there—for what turned out to be a thrilling, come-from-behind victory by the Phils. By the bottom of the eighth inning, I’d long ago essentially given up and drifted from a highly unsatisfactory seat in Section 320 to watch the game from a cleaner, warmer, and less windy perch behind lower-level seats. I could barely believe my eyes when the Phillies suddenly got it together, making up a four-run deficit and scoring still more. Everything seemed, suddenly, to go wrong for the Brewers and just right for the Phillies.

After the game, I stopped by Tria Cafe for some beer and goat cheese cake. I had a Cantillon Lou Pepe Framboise beer that was incredibly sour—so sour that I longed for an even sweeter dessert. I’m not sure eating even straight sugar would’ve been sweet enough, though…. When I’m in the mood in the future for a raspberry beer, I’ll probably just stick to Lindemans, which I’m still absolutely in love with. But I certainly enjoyed sitting in the corner at Tria, fresh from the Phils victory, watching all the beautiful people. What a great place.

P.S. Memo to Phillies management: Section 320 is a great, tiny section directly behind home plate (if above the action). The three rows of people sitting in that section last night, however, suffered. Right behind Section 320 is an area for wheelchairs. Apparently, before the game, or perhaps even the day before last night’s game, someone sitting there had eaten a lot of sunflower seeds. The nasty detritus from those seeds—spent shells and whatnot—rained down on us, inning after inning. Ewww. When we complained to ushers and a security guard, we were assured that no one was actually spitting on us. But that, of course, really wasn’t the point. Doesn’t anyone at Citizens Bank Park have a broom? Ewww. I’ve showered three times since the game, and I still feel dirty.

Will I ever feel clean again?




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