Brewers 3, Phillies 2

17 05 2007

Dang. The Phillies were going for their first sweep of the year, but they couldn’t take four in a row from the Brewers. It was, oh, so close, too. Left fielder (and hottie) Pat Burrell hit a long one in the bottom of the ninth, and I thought it was a homer. The umps ruled it a ground-rule double, though, and the Phils couldn’t get him home. Ugh. So close.

Still, it’s definitely been a great week for the Phillies. The Brewers came into town as the hottest team in the National League, and the Phillies racked up three quality wins against them. And after a horrid start to the season, the Phils are suddenly on the verge of playing .500 ball. Wow, what a concept.

By the way, I absolutely enjoyed being at today’s game, which began in the late afternoon. It’s always fun to ditch work for a baseball game. It was a strangely cool, mostly cloudy day in Philly; I didn’t have to worry about the sun or being too hot (or cold). And I had just about the best seat I’ve ever had at Citizens Bank Park: Section 109, Row 5, Seat 18. It was an aisle seat, five rows back from a spot in right field near-ish to first base. I didn’t feel crowded, and I could see everything.

P.S. In case you missed the link above, Pat Burrell truly is a stud. Really. (Those links are provided as a special service to my gay and straight female readers. You’re welcome.)

P.P.S. I can’t believe I initially forgot to mention this. At the top of the seventh inning, a very un-studly streaker ran onto the field. He apparently jumped down onto the field from the left field stands (that’s quite a jump, actually). When I first noticed him, he was about one-third of the way into the outfield. Quickly enough, security personnel tackled him and escorted him from the field, taking care to cover his, um, naughty bits. The homage to, oh, 1973 was over.

“I was just real blushed,” said folksy Phils manager Charlie Manuel after the game.

Update (5/20/07): Inevitably, a fan has posted pics of the streaker.




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