Wiki Wednesday #8

23 05 2007

I can’t remember why I even started doing this WW thing anymore. But I’m a man who follows through….

1.) Go to Wikipedia.
2.) Click on “Random article.”
3.) Report on the outcome.

This week’s result:

D’Amour Ou d’Amitié

D’Amour Ou d’Amitié” is Céline Dion’s second and last hit single from [her] Tellement J’Ai d’Amour… album. It was released in Quebec, France and Belgium in April 1983.

The song became a hit in Quebec where it topped the chart on May 7, 1983 for four weeks and spent forty weeks on it. “D’Amour Ou d’Amitié” was certified gold for selling over 50,000 copies. Dion received four Félix Awards in that period.

Well, one, um, feature of this meme is that it forces me to confront unpleasant things think about things I’d normally avoid. And Céline Dion is one of those things. It’s not that I affirmatively dislike her; I’m just not a fan of, um, treacly pop music.

I do have one good memory of Céline Dion, though. A few years ago, I recall, she was asked to fill in for Barbra Streisand, whose “I Finally Found Someone” had been nominated for an Oscar Natalie Cole, who was scheduled to sing Barbra Streisand’s “I Finally Found Someone” at the Academy Awards telecast. Despite what I just said about treacly music, I loved that song (and still do, probably because I’d sing something treacly if I finally found someone). And Dion’s version was amazing—better than Barbra’s. I wish Dion would record it. That I’d buy.

Anyway, I don’t know “D’Amour Ou d’Amitié,” so I don’t have much to say about it. If you check out the Wikipedia page, you’ll see a sort of creepy picture of a 15-year-old Céline Dion in the video for the song. She looks like the star of an ABC After School Special. Since I’m not that much of a fan of the adult Céline Dion, I figure I’d be even less enthralled with the teenage version.

Dion certainly has an incredible voice. I just wish she’d use it on some better material. She should team up with a cool punk band or turn polka maven or something.




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