My Memorial Day

28 05 2007

Amish Country Sign
I was invited to a barbecue today, but it was canceled (bummer!) and I had to scramble to find something else to do. It just doesn’t seem right to start summer without a grilled burger….

I decided to go with another (caution: sarcasm alert!) traditional Memorial Day favorite—outlet-mall shopping. So I got in the rented car du jour and drove out west into Pennsylvania’s Amish country. It was a gorgeous day, with the temperatures just into the 80s, and it was a beautiful drive. I love Lancaster County’s green, rolling hills, and I particularly watch for the thick work horses. I’m also a fan of the horse-drawn buggies, and I saw six or seven today; I even saw a large Amish wagon filled with kids. I love the tacky touristy places, too. If I weren’t watching my weight, I’d’ve brought back a shoo-fly pie from a place like this.

Gosh, I digress…. Shopping was the task, and I found my way to the outlet mall. There were tons and tons of people there. I drove around for 15-20 minutes, fruitlessly searching for a parking place, before I remembered a row of little-known parking spots behind the mall. There was a spot there, but just one. Just in time. (I really, really, really needed to find a restroom by then. If I hadn’t found that spot, I was probably headed to the shoo-fly pie place—diet be damned.)

You surely don’t want the play-by-play on the shopping. I intended to buy some shoes at the Timberland outlet. And I wanted to come back with a new shirt or two for work this summer. (We do the “business casual” thing at work, and I am so tired of the shirts I wear with khakis.) I came back with all of that and more. Way, way too much more. I came back with a pair of casual shoes, sandals, a pair of dress shoes (probably unnecessary). I bought two pairs of khakis (probably unnecessary). I bought something like five polos. And I came back with two new t-shirts (wholly unnecessary).

Egad. I have to watch my spending. When I get bored/lonely, I have a tendency to “solve” that with spending. My finances are in better shape these days than in a long time—but still. I should be saving up for a nice vacation or a move out of my hated apartment or something.

Still, it could’ve been worse. This was outlet-mall shopping, after all. I really didn’t spend all that much. I could’ve (and probably would’ve) done much more damage to my checking account at Bloomingdale’s. I have a serious weakness for Bloomingdale’s….

After all that shopping and walking and more shopping and walking, I was hungry. A visit to Arby’s, which is next door to the mall, helped with that. It’s a little bit embarrassing, I suppose, but I love Arby’s. And there just isn’t one all that close to where I live. So when I had the chance, I jumped at the curly fries.

Yeah, this is the kind of guy I am. If you’re ever trying to impress me, a visit to the outlet mall and a Beef’n Cheddar will do the trick.




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