Wiki Wednesday #12

20 06 2007

Crossbow Close-up
It’s time for another Wiki Wednesday.

1.) Go to Wikipedia.
2.) Click on “Random article.”
3.) Report on the outcome.

Laws on crossbows

The crossbow often has a complicated legal status due to its lethality and its similarities with both firearms and other archery weapons.

This is really a very strange Wikipedia entry. There’s no general content whatsoever. After the single sentence I just quoted, the article proceeds to give some sketchy details about the legality of crossbows in a handful of countries—from Australia to Denmark. If I were thinking about buying a crossbow(!) in one of those jurisdictions, and I’m not, I don’t think I’d feel confident in the information provided here…. For instance, the section on the United States provides specific information only as to Georgia and Ohio. Are those states the crossbow capitals of the nation? Somehow I doubt it. (Hi, Texas! Hi, Arkansas!)

Where are the crossbow-legality experts, and why haven’t they found Wikipedia?

This entry is bound to draw some creepy traffic to the blog via search engines…. If you’re a crossbow fan, creepy or non-creepy, leave me a message, ok?




3 responses

12 04 2009
Overeducated Twit

I got here via a “crossbow” search. I’m not creepy, I swear–it stemmed from a tangent of a chat conversation. Doesn’t everyone talk about archaic weaponry in chats?

21 04 2011

I got here by searching crossbows as well, i am not creepy?
I live i Australia and as far as i know it is really hard to get a crossbow here,
i am a really big fan of them i love how they look and how they work and i would love to own one for target shooting or to go hunting with my brother but in tasmania u cannot get one at all 100% illegal.
So i settle for a compound bow

28 06 2011
Also Not A Creep

I was actually looking for crossbow laws and stumbled upon this. After a while I found this –> Which may or may not be of interesting to you. Have fun.

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