25 06 2007

I had a fairly peaceful weekend—outwardly, anyway. Saturday was a gorgeous day, with the temperatures reaching only into the mid 70s. By this time of year, Philly’s usually hitting the 90s nearly every day. (It looks like we’re about to start that this week. Ugh.) So on Saturday I took the train to Manayunk, one of Philly’s most distinctive neighborhoods, for the 18th Annual Manayunk Arts Festival.

The festival—which is really a craft show—takes place right on Main Street, for blocks and blocks and blocks. In terms of goods, it isn’t anywhere near the best show in the city. But there’s usually some interesting photography and cheap-ish pottery.

When I’ve been to the festival in the past, it was always so dang hot that I couldn’t really enjoy just walking the street. This time, I ambled up and down Main Street, sticking my head in every interesting tent (and a few stores). Strangely enough, though, I didn’t buy anything. I was tempted by some cool pottery, but I already own too much stuff like that. I have to be really, really, really impressed anymore to buy a mug or bowl….

Actually, more than shopping, I people-watched. There were so many couples on the street. And pooches. And couples with pooches. It made me miss being in a couple…and having a dog. At times, I felt conspicuously alone on Saturday. Sigh.

I always tell myself I’m not just going to sit home when I can’t find anyone to hang out with. And I don’t sit home all that much. On Saturday, for instance, when my usual weekend buds were occupied, I went to Manayunk…. As you know, I go to movies alone. I take classes alone. But it would be so much nicer to be a part of a couple, to share some of these things with a partner.

I’m beginning to wonder if that’ll ever happen again. I know that’s probably irrational—and I’m only “just” 40—but it’s ridiculously hard to meet a man who is (a) single, (b) not insane, (c) not self-destructive, (d) not cheating on his partner, and (e) nice. And would ‘cute’ be too much to hope for, too? Sigh, again.

I also started wishing, again, that I had a dog. I saw a beautiful Chocolate Lab on Saturday, and I wanted one of my own, dang it. It’s a completely impractical idea, though. I work too many long hours, and I live too far from work, to have a dog. The dog would be home alone too much, and I’d never get it (him/her?) trained. And, of course, Labs are particularly needy dogs. Obviously, too, getting a dog because you’re lonely is a profoundly bad idea….

But that’s what I was feeling on Saturday.




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