Also, I eat.

1 07 2007

Waffle and Coffee
I’m not going to bore you with a blow-by-blow of the rest of my mini-“vacation” in the city. Suffice it to say that it mostly revolved around food. On Friday night, I enjoyed a beautiful filet mignon, medium rare; some creamed spinach; and a slice of key lime pie at Ruth’s Chris Steak House. Oh, and I started the meal off with a Tanqueray and tonic; for some reason, I have to have a gin and tonic before a steak…. Ruth’s Chris reminds me of New Orleans, which I miss.

On Saturday, after my last night at the hotel (which I also miss!), I started the morning off with Belgian-style waffles from Bonté.  These are not the air-filled waffles that most Americans think of as Belgian waffles, mind you.  I’m talking about the kind of sugar waffles that Belgians buy from street vendors.  If I lived in Bonté’s neighborhood, I’d probably have sugar waffles every day.  They’re just so sweet, so crispy, so wheat-y….  I’d also weigh 500 pounds if I lived in that neighborhood.  Those waffles are irresistible.




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